Public Notice!



Public Notice of Acceptance and Acknowledgement of Declaration of Independence, Constitutions and Oath(s) of Office

Public Notice for ALL agents, assigns, successors, office holders, contractors, public servants, employees, and public trustees, et cetera, hereinafter referred to as public servants, operating under the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, State of California, California and its subdivisions, instrumentalities, private for profit subcontractors providing government services purporting to be lawful government and creations.

We the Living Souls’ contract being the Constitution for the United States of America c1819 and the MANDATED oath(s) of office of the above named public servants, amounts to nothing more than an offer of an intention to act, or refrain from acting, in a specified way between the government and the sovereign, private Living Souls, and for other purposes, and is binding only to those who choose to be subject to it, i.e. those public servants who swear an oath to uphold, support and defend the aforementioned Documents.

BE IT KNOWN by these Presents that I, Leonard Harview, a sui juris Living Soul of the United States of America and free, flesh and blood Living Soul domiciled by freewill choice on Sovereign Soil, whose law form is God’s common law and venue is an Article III compliant Court of California and/or the United States of America, intelligently, knowingly and willingly DO HEREBY CHOOSE to HONOR YOUR OFFER and conditionally ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE each respective mandated oath of the aforesaid public servants, and conditionally ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE the Declaration of Independence c1776, Constitution for the United States of America c1819; conditionally ACCEPTED and ACKNOWLEDGED ONLY in their original form, without accepting or acknowledging ANY other amendments previous or after the stated dates, or laws in pursuance thereof. The respective oaths are the public servants OPEN and BINDING offer of promise to form a firm and binding contract between the public servants, their commercial, military and political instrumentalities and me, myself in my sovereign, private capacity.

By my conditional ACCEPTANCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I require that in ALL of your actions as a public servant, as may, in any way, pertain to me, you will faithfully perform ALL of your promises, and stay in honor, within the limitations of ONLY the Documents you have sworn to defend, uphold and support and NOTHING further. You will further NOT create and/or proceed with ANY ex parte proceedings, unsubstantiated, unwarranted or unstated presumptions, quasi contracts, or quasi in rem actions. You will further seek ONLY true facts and clearly tell the truth completely and unreserved at ALL times in ALL places. You will further respect and unconditionally protect my God given sacred, secured and unalienable rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and PRIVATE PROPERTY and ALL rights antecedent thereto and therefrom at ALL times in ALL places. Should this NOT be true then let the record be corrected or it will stand as truth in seven days.

The foregoing Lawful Notice is made in good faith and explicitly without recourse and now constitutes a binding contract and ANY deviation therefrom must, and will, be a breach of contract, a violation of substantive due process, a breach of Public Trust, perjury, treason, sedition and a breach of fiduciary duty.

MEMORANDUM: The Constitution for the United States of America c1819, Declaration of Independence c1776 acting prospectively – declaring ONLY rights and procedures for the future but NOT diminishing ANY rights extant prior to the establishment of the political nation and political state, and NO new powers contrary to the God given unalienable, sacred, secured and sovereign rights, immunities, privileges, freedoms, properties, etc. were granted by me to ANY body politic, fiction of law, or foreign, commercial corporation.

I, a flesh and blood Living Soul commonly known as Leonard Harview, on my own unlimited liability and complete transparency, certify that I have read the above Public Notice and do know the foregoing statements and facts to be true, correct and complete, not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to the best of my knowledge and ability, so help me God.

Autographed this day, the 12th of May, in the Year of my Lord Jesus Christ two thousand fifteen on soil.

Without Prejudice